Best Reviewer Award

From 2011, the ICDIM has instituted an award for the best reviewer. ICDIM believe that the reviewers contribute to build science as scholarly system. ICDIM recognize the significant role of reviewers in scientific evaluation process. Many papers are structured based mainly on the directions of reviewers. To encourage the objectivity of review system, the ICDIM has selected the following reviewers as the best reviewers.

The criteria used to select the best reviewers are the following-

-depth of the review
-criticality in reviewing
-identifying errors, methodological fault and plagiarism
-suggestion for improvements

The top best reviewers in ICDIM 2011 are

1. Markus Schedl, Johannes Kepler Universität, Austria

2. Kazushi Ohya, Tsurumi University, Japan

ICDIM remain grateful to all reviewers. ICDIM gratefully appreciate the above reviewers.