Sixth International Conference on Digital Information Management ICDIM 2011(September 26-28, 2011)
Conference Program
26.09.2011 Monday

08.30 - 09.30

Opening Ceremony
09.30 -10.00
10.00 -10.30 Coffee Break
Keynote Address
10.30 -11.30
Andrew Kusiak,  University of Iowa in Iowa City, USA
11.30 - 12.50 Parallel Sessions

Session 1A:

Session 1B:

Distributed Information Systems Ubiquitous Systems

Zhuojia Xu, Xun Yi (Australia)
Classification of Privacy-preserving Distributed Data Mining Protocols

Yusuke Gotoh Tomoki Yoshihisa, Kentaro Suzuki, Hideo Taniguchi,Masanori Kanazawa (Japan)
Evaluation of P2P Streaming Systems for Webcast

Wejdan Alkaldi, Fereidoon Sadri (Saudi Arabia, USA)
Query Optimization in Information Integration for Queries Involving Aggregation and Group

Fattaneh Mimhashemi, Amir Albadvi,Abbas Asosheh, Mmohammad Ghaem Tajgardoon (Iran)
A service-based Grid Computing Model to apply in the Universities and Institutes

Takao Shime, Hideki Kawai, Kazuo Kunieda, Keiji Yamada (Japan)
Area-Based Communication Detector

Guanghao Low, Chei Sian Lee, Dion Goh (Singapore)
A Study of Motivations for Using Mobile Content Sharing Games

Kazunari Ishida (Japan)
Geo-Local Contents System with Mobile Devices

YoshioIshizawa (Japan)
A Method for Conversational Topic Recommendation to Appropriate User Group

10.00 -10.30 Coffee Break
14.00 - 16.00 Sessions
Session 2A:

Session 2B:

Data Mining Web Mining

Stanislav Fajt, Irena Mlynkova, Martin Necasky (Czech Republic)
On Mining XML Integrity Constraints

Md Sumon Shahriar, Jixue Liu (Australia)
On Mining Association Rules with Semantic Constraints in XML

Elise Desmier, Frederic Flouvat, Benoit Stoll, Nazha Selmaouir-Folcher (New Caledonia)
Coconut fields classification using data mining on a large dababase of high-resolution Ikonos images

Fariba Khademolghorani (Iran)
An effective algorithm for mining association rules based onImperialist Competitive Algorithm

Eya Ben Ahmed, Ahlem Nabli, Faiez Gargouri (Tunisia)
Mining Cyclic Association Rules From Multidimensional Knowledge

Tieta Antaresti, Mohammad Ivan Fanany, Aniati Murni Arymurthy (Indonesia)
Maintaining Imbalance Highly Dependent Medical Data Using Dirichlet Process Data Generation

Liliana Alexandre, Jorge Coelho (Portugal)
Filtering XML Content for Publication and Presentation on the Web

Anwar Alhenshiri (Canada)
The Effect of User Search Behaviour on Web Information Gathering Tasks

Ingyu Lee (USA) Byung-Won On (Singapore)
Weighted Hybrid Features To Resolve Mixed Entities

Michal Kratky, Radim Baca, David Bednar, Jiri Walder (Czech Republic)
Index-Based N-gram Extraction from Large Document Collections

Fahad Alahmari (Australia)
Evaluating SPARQL Using Query Federation and Link Traversal

Jun Wu, Xiaodong Li, Xin Wang, Baoping Yan (China)
DNS Usage Mining and Its Two Applications

16.00 - 16.20 Coffee Break
16.20 - 17.20 Sessions
Session 2A:

Session 3A:

Data Mining (contd) Image Analysis

Alton Y.K Chua, Radhika Shenoy Balkunje, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh (Singapore)
Evaluation of Disaster Management Portals: Applying Knowledge Management to Digital Information

Gabriele Di Chiara, Luca Paolino, Marco Romano, Monica Sebillo, Genny Tortora, Giuliana Vitiello (Italy)
The Framy User Interface for Visually-Impaired Users

Tieta Antaresti, Mohamad Ivan Fanany, and Aniati Murni Arymurthy (Indonesia)
Maintaining Imbalance Highly Dependent Medical Data Using Dirichlet Process Data Generation

Khalid Iqbal, Sohail Asghar, Simon Fong (Pakistan, Macau)
A PPDM Model Using Bayesian Network for HidingSensitive XML Association Rules

Shirlee-ann Knight (Australia)
Information Management in Health Systems: Considering an Organic Approach
Mansour Alsulaiman, Ghulam Muhammad, Zulfiqar Ali (Saudi Arabia)
Comparison of Voice Features for Arabic Speech Recognition

Htwe Pa Pa Win (Myanmar)
Converting Myanmar Printed Document Images into Machine Understandable Text Format

Dongeun Lee, Sunghoon Choi (Korea)
Multisensor Fusion-Based Object Detection and Tracking using Active Shape Model

Ales Mishchenko (France) Natalia Vassilieva (Russia)
Effects of social diversity in continuous opinion formation in complex networks

Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Ashfa Umber (UK, Pakistan)
Minimizing Ambiguity in Natural Language Software Requirements Specification

18.00 Conference Banquet at Trinity College
27.09.2011 Tuesday
Keynote Address
09.00 -10.00
Rachid Benlamri, Lakehead University, Canada
10.00 -10.30 Coffee Break
11.30 - 12.50 Parallel Sessions
Session 4A:

Session 4B:

Data Processing and Management Information Security and Web Services

Phyo Thu Thu Khine (Myanmar)
Keyword Searching and Browsing System over Relational Databases

AgusWidodo, Mohamad Ivan Fanany, Indra Budi (Indonesia)
Technology Forecasting in the Field of Apnea from Online Publications: Time Series Analysis on Latent Semantic Indexing

A N K Zaman, Pascal Matsakis, Charles Brown (Canada)
Evaluation of Stop Word Lists in Text Retrieval Using Latent Semantic Indexing

Han Wang, Bo Lang (China)
Online Ngram-enhanced Topic Model for Academic Retrieval

SameendraSamarawickrama (Sri Lanka)
Focused Web Crawling

Zeinab Amirikamalabad (Iran)
Prediction of Hotspot in Data Centric Storage

Talha Anwar, Sohail Asghar, Simon Fong (Pakistan, Macau)
Bayesian Based Subgroup Discovery

Tang Rui, Simon Fong, Saba Sarasvady (Macau, India)
Expert Finding and Query Answering for Collaborative Inter-Organizational System by Using Rule Responder
Jean-Pierre Nziga (USA)
Minimal Dataset for Network Intrusion Detection Systems via Dimensionality Reduction

Anne Gabrielle Bowitz, Espen Graarud, Lawrie Brown, Martin Gilje Jaatun (Norway)
BatCave: Adding Security to the BATMAN Protocol

Elvis Pontes, Adilson Eduardo Guelfi, Anderson Silva,Sergio Takeo Kofuji (Brazil)
Applying Multi-Correlation for Improving Forecasting in Cyber Security

Dina Sadat Jalali, Alireza Shahrbanoonezhad (Iran)
A New Method based on Finite State Machine for Detecting Misbehaving Nodes inAd hoc Networks

Rosziati Ibrahim,Suk Kuan Teoh (Malaysia)
PRIS: Image Processing Tool for Dealing with Criminal Cases using Steganography Technique

Parimala N, Anu Saini (India)
Web Service with Criteria: Extending WSDL

Junpei Kawamoto, Masatoshi Yoshikawa (Japan)
Private Range Query by Perturbation and Matrix Based Encryption

Imran Sarwar Bajwa, Rubata Riasat (UK, Pakistan)
A New Perfect Hashing based Approach for Secure Steganography
12.50 - 14.00 Lunch
14.00 - 17.00 Sessions
Session 5A:

Session 5B:

Intelligent Computing Data Models, XML and Pattern Analysis

Ning Li, Zhanhuai Li, Yanming Nie, Xia Li (China)
Predicting software black-box defects using stacked generalization

Reza Reyhani, Amir Masud Eftekhari Moghadam (Iran)
A heuristic method for forecasting chaotic time series based on economic variables

Divesh Lala, Sutasinee Thovuttikul, Toyoaki Nishida (Japan)
Towards a Virtual Environment for Capturing Behavior in Cultural Crowds

Brun Armelle, Jones Nicolas, Brun Armelle, Boyer Anne (France)
Improving Reliability of User Preferences: Comparing instead of Rating

Bafrin Zarei, Reza Ghanbarzadeh, Poorya Khodabandeh, Hadi Toofani (Iran)
MHPSO: A New Method to Enhance the Particle Swarm Optimizer

Faaizah Shahbodin (Malaysia)
ICT + PBL = Holistic Learning solution:UTeMs Experience

Nada Bajnaid (UK)
Context-Aware e-Learning System for SQA
Alan Lin, Dean Sheu (Taiwan)
Programming for Evaluating Strip Layout of Progressive Dies

A.O. Garc─▒a, S. Bourov, A. Hammad, T. Jejkal, J.C. Ottey, S. Pfeiffer, T. Schenker, C. Schmidt, J. van Wezel, B. Neumair, A. Streit (Germany)
Data management and analysis at the Large Scale Data Facility

Martin Necasky, Jakub Klmek, Jakub Maly (Czech Republic)
When Theory Meets Practice: A Case Report on Conceptual Modeling for XML

Md. Sumon Shahriar, Paulo de Souza and Greg Timms (Australia)
Pattern Mining for Query Answering in Marine Sensor Data

Mahdi Jalili (Iran)
Discriminating early stage AD patients from healthy controls using synchronization analysis of EEG
16.00 -16.20 Coffee Break
Session 6 A Semantic Web & Ontology : 16.20 -17.00

Rayed AlGhamdi, Steve Drew (Australia)
Strategic Government Initiatives to Promote Diffusion of Online Retailing in Saudi Arabia

Sven Groppe, Jinghua Groppe, Stefan Werner, Matthias Samsel,
Florian Kalis, Kristina Fell, Peter Kliesch, Markus Nakhlah (Germany)
Monitoring eBay Auctions by querying RDF Streams
17.00 - 17.30 Concluding Session
18.00 -19.00 Conference Dinner at Trinity College
28.09.2011 Wednesday
National Park, Aussie style Bush Billy tea with lamingtons and vegemitecrackers and on-coach video.

Lunch at Appollo Bay Hotel -(
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